About us

Akodoma - Slovak folklore group in Brussels started its activities in Brussels on 2 March 2018. From the very beginning, we decided to embrace dances from many regions in Slovakia.

Though still a freshling, the group has already had its first successful public performances in the first year of its existence - and we have many brave plans on the horizon!

Akodoma is open to anyone who likes Slovak folklore. Anyone can join in, dance and sing along - or simply support our activities in Belgium.

To this day, we have some 40 active members, women and men, young and mature, experienced dancers as well as absolute beginners, people who just arrived in Belgium and those who have been living here for more than 20 years. Our members come for Friday training sessions and for workshops from Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven, and even from the far north of Belgium.

Home is what we carry around in our hearts. Slovak folklore is a genuine part of that.

Folk traditions are “in” again. They serve as an inspiration for trendy art movements creating an interesting blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

When creating the name of our group, we went through long discussions and brainstorming…until we have arrived at a unique and very special name: AKO DOMA - Like at Home. After all, we unanimously agreed that HOME is what we all have been missing most while living abroad. We have been missing our families, friends, traditions - and our rich folklore.

Many of our members grew up with folk songs and dances. Folklore is both directly and indirectly our past - and our future. Even far away from everything we love, we want to feel just LIKE AT HOME = AKO DOMA - and be proud about traditions inherited from our grandparents.

In the past, when folklore groups were choosing their names, they drew inspiration from the names of mountains, rivers, towns or flowers and trees.

With the name of our folklore group, we want to expresses an emotion, a feeling and a desire…a strong connection to OUR HOME.